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Airlines Avoid Flying Over Iran’s Airspace Citing Safety Concerns

Due to fear of military confrontation, some of the global airlines are planning to avoid flying their aircrafts over Iran. The airlines including Singapore Airlines, Qantas, British Airways, and Lufthansa stated that they would not fly over Iranian airspace.

Airlines released the statement after the escalated tensions between the American and Iranian government. According to the sources, the American President had ordered for military strikes on several parts of Iran. Donald Trump eventually took his decision back after he talked to various security officials at his office. The whole incident took place on June 20, 2019.

The matter escalated after one of the surveillance drones of the US was shot down by Iranian missile. Iran shot unmanned drone of the US over Strait of Hormuz which is considered as one of the busiest oceanic transit channel for oil shipments.

Due to heightened geopolitical tensions, Federal Aviation Administration of the US ordered a state of emergency to carriers. In a statement, FAA’s authoritative figure stated that the American operators are restricted to fly above Gulf of Oman and Strait of Hormuz.

Through an advisory FAA told its operators that in the southern Iran there is also a possibility that the country can even shoot down a civilian aircraft. One of the Emirates spokesperson stated that due to escalated tension the airline has started to reroute all of its flights and now they aren’t flying from over the conflicted area. Moreover, KLM told reporters that they consider safety of their passengers as a first priority.

During an exclusive interview, Lufthansa’s spokesperson stated that due to tensions between Iran and America, the crafts of the Airline are flying over Strait of Hormuz. The official further said that since June 21, 2019, the particular area will get expanded. At present aircrafts of Lufthansa are flying to Tehran.

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