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Alphabet’s Wing Launches An Air Traffic Control App For Drones

This spring Wing LLC (the Alphabet subsidiary) turned out to be the first drone delivery firm to get FAA approval, and the firm has successfully rolled out drone delivery service in Helsinki and Australia. Now, with more machines in the sky, it requires a method to keep them secure. This week, Wing officially launched its OpenSky app, which can act as drones’ air-traffic control system.

The free app is accessible in Australia and operates with both Android and iOS devices. It is meant to assist drone operators obey aviation laws and plan flights effectively & safely, the firm claimed to the media. The Australian edition comprises a checklist with a series of essential factors, comprising hazardous situations, airspace restrictions, and proximity to heliports & airports. It will also notify users about emergency response cases and things such as close by sporting events. Ultimately, OpenSky will launch voice-abilities to make the service more accessible.

Wing is not the only firm operating on an air traffic control services for drones. NASA has invested 4 Years operating on its system, and beginning in 2020 all drones by DJI will warn and detect of close by helicopters & airplanes. Even Ford has projected a drone tracking system. But seeing Wing’s relation with Alphabet and all of the location info Google has, it can have a benefit. It is not clear when OpenSky may make its way to the US, but Wing is getting ready to roll out a commercial drone delivery test sometime this year in Southwest Virginia, so it can come sooner.

On a related note, the US military earlier claimed that it is experimenting on delivery drones, which can carry supplies remotely and be thrown away after every employment. Manufactured from low-priced plywood, the bigger edition of the two gliders being experimented can transport more than 700 Kilograms, or almost 1800 Pounds.

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