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Amazon Making Effort To Make Alexa-Based Devices More Fun

A series of new Alexa-based games, devices, and smart toys might soon flood the industry due to Amazon’s newest developer tool. This week, the firm disclosed “Custom Interfaces,” a new API inside its Alexa Gadgets Toolkit SDK that lets creators to develop interactions between their own internet-linked goods and Alexa. Amazon is placing Custom Interfaces majorly as a method for 3rd-party makers to use Alexa to make quirky and fun experiences.

For instance, Amazon dreams that the makers of a WiFi-based indoor basketball hoop employing Custom Interfaces to generate an experience in which Alexa makes sounds anytime you make a goal. In another possible scene, Amazon recommends Alexa might operate together with a mini smart keyboard to educate you how to use the piano. Certainly, as with any API, its ability is only as good as the creators operating with it. It will be up to them to make interesting experiences with new tool by Amazon.

Considering latest privacy record of Amazon, one troublesome aspect of the new API is that the firm majorly dreams creators using it to make smart toy experiences and games. Especially, those targeted at kids. For what it is worth, Amazon claims that must such experiences must get the approval of a kid’s parent to roll out.

On a related note, after the reports that Amazon frequently destroys unwanted and unsold goods amassed in its warehouses, the firm is rolling out a donations project that will assist distribute products to users in need, as per media report. The project, dubbed as FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) Donations, will distribute goods to non-profit agencies via Good360 in the United States and in the United Kingdom via Newlife and Barnardo’s.

Before the launch of the FBA Donations project, just destroying unsold goods was a cheaper alternative for 3rd-party sellers, costing only 15 cents per product versus 50 cents to give back the products.

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