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Delicate Titanium Apple Card Should Be Stored Safely

The titanium Apple Card is very delicate. If it is kept in your leather wallet, it would get stained. If it rubs against coins and metals, it would get damaged.

The Apple Card from Apple which was launched especially for iPhone users comes with various instructions. The company warns users not to keep their cards in their leather wallet. It would not damage the leather wallet; rather the card may become stained.

If it is kept in denim pants, the denim fabric would stain the metal. It may become permanently discolored. It has to be kept very safe, due to its fragility.

Apple has asked its customers to keep the card safe in a soft material. It should not come into contact with metal objects. It should not be kept in leather wallets or in denim pant pockets. The company says, “Fabrics like leather and denim may cause permanent discoloration that will not wash off”.

Further, the card can be cleaned with a soft microfiber cloth that is slightly dampened with water or isopropyl alcohol. Harsh materials like aerosol sprays, ammonia, household cleaners, solvents or compressed air should not be used to clean the titanium Apple card, says the company.

Apple’s credit card has been created along with Goldman Sachs. It is manageable only through the iPhone Wallet app. The card just launched yesterday seems to be a very delicate one. Thousands of iPhone users who are getting the cards shipped to them are astonished at the delicacy of the card.

It has to be stored very delicately and kept away from keys, other credit cards and from loose changes too. Even if it is placed along with another credit card in the same slot, the card may get scratches, says Apple.

The Titanium Apple Cards are heavy cards that have laser-etchings of the name of the cardholder and the Apple logo but they are delicate.

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