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Delta 4 To Carry US Air Force’s GPS Navigation Satellite

The GPS navigation of US Air Force just went into space in the current week. The spacecraft bolted on top of a United Launch Alliance Delta 4 rocket. The activity took place at Cape Canaveral. This was a test for the liftoff which will take place on August 22, 2019.

This spacecraft has been built by Lockheed Martin. The vehicle travelled from Astrotech payload processing unit located at Titusville in Florida. It went to the Complex 37 launchpad of Cape Canaveral complex. The activity took place on an over the road transporter.

The crew at Cape Canaveral complex loaded the vehicle on top of the Delta-4 rocket. From here the spacecraft begins its integrated launch mission. The liftoff which will take place on August 22 will last for 27 minutes. The activity will start at 9am EDT; this was planned 4 weeks earlier.

It was delayed because during ground testing abnormal voltage was observed at the upper stage component of the vehicle. ULA delayed both the launch of Delta-4 and launch of Atlas-5. The Atlas-5 launch will now take place on August 8, Thursday. The 5th satellite from the Air Force, AEHF is also going to fly on the same day. It is aimed at providing secure communications between the government leaders and the military troops. This will be the 3rd launch of ULA. After 2 weeks of this launch, there will be the 4th launch of this year. This launch will take place from the space coast of Florida.

Magellan, which is the nickname for GPS 3 SV02 is the navigation satellite. It arrived at the seaport of Florida in the month of March in order to prepare for the final launch. The craft has already passed the final checks in the Astrotech. The encapsulation took place in the latter half of June.

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