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Dragon Capsules To Retire Next Year And Get Replaced By Dragon2/Crew Dragon

Space X has decided to pull down its Dragon capsules in 2020. These have been functioning since 2010. The International Space Station (ISS) will start getting a new type of Dragon spacecraft. The model of this spacecraft is under planning. It will be used to carry astronauts.

SpaceX received the contract to manufacture cargo vehicles from NASA in 2008. It contained 20 dragon missions. The contract was continued under the name of Commercial Resupply Services 2 in 2016. Under this renewed contract, the company was supposed to manufacture 6 more dragon deliveries. This contract is valid till 2024. The new series will be named as Dragon 2 or Crew Dragon. This new set of cargo missions will come with a faster recovery process. These will be refurbished Dragon capsules which will be made to re-fly.

As a part of the cargo mission, the Dragon 2 or Crew Dragon is not having any SuperDraco abort engine. The engine has been removed because it has been like a blockage in this program. In April, one of the abort engines exploded during the ground fire testing. SpaceX found that there was a leakage in the valve which existed in the pressurized system of the abort engine. Dragon 2 comes with a different aero-dynamic shape than the 1st generation of the Dragon series. It first flew to ISS in 2010 and landed there in 2012. The vehicle can automatically dock with the International Space Station (ISS). This means, there are no need of crews to catch the vehicle.

This new model will not have any seats, cockpit control system and any other life support system which are required for astronauts to survive in the space. After the 2 dragon test flies, SpaceX has managed to transport cargo for 17 times. It failed once in 2015 when it was launched on Falcon 9 rocket.

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