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E-cigarettes And Vape Products Bill Recommended By Lawmakers To Discourage Youth

The State legislators have been trying to add to the national and local efforts made recently to restrict the use of e-cigarettes and vape pens especially among the youth. The body which controls the health and human services has now agreed in unison to recommend a bill which would levy a tax on e-cigarettes. According to lobbyists, the goal of the bill on E-cigarettes and other nicotine products is to make the youth quit marijuana and tobacco and also reduce the costs that a person incurs on the medical care costs which happen due to e-cigarette use.

According to estimates it is observed that close to 42,000 or 18.3% of youth in Utah who are aged 13-17 are using e-cigarettes and vape related products as regular as daily. The bill would consist of an imposition of excise tax of about 86% of price on sale of the manufacturer of the e-cigarettes and other products which will be increasing its retail price by close to 50%. This is something that will lead to a large number of youth quitting these products as they are sensitive to an increase in price.

Hyde and Clark in 2015 had founded a student group upon observing the increased use of such products among youth and have since been trying to get this bill passed from 2016. Earlier in the year, San Francisco had become the first city in U.S. to ban the e-cigarettes. This has become a major source of inspiration for other states specially Utah who in the spirit of healthy competition feel embarrassed that San Francisco has banned the product while in Utah that discourages it has not been passed yet despite all efforts.

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