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Electrical Defect Causes Recall Of Volkswagen Cars—Report

In order to prevent the drivers from removing its ignition key, Volkswagen is now expanding the recall from the one in 2018.

This kind of a problem has been plaguing Volkswagen in the past as well. The issue is electrical and is related to a defect in switch contact in the housing of the gear selector. There is a silicate layer which is formed on the contact and due to higher amount of resistant it prevents the switch form determining whether the selector is in park. When such an issue happens the car is likely to send out a warning message or a chime sound maybe issued or it may even do nothing.

In the U.S., the number of cars affected is totaled to be 679,027 which include the 2011–2018 Jetta, 2015–2019 GTI, 2015–2016 Golf, 2012–2019 Beetle, 2017–2019 Golf Sport Wagen. However, the Volkswagen staff has said that models with, a manual-crank hand brake, an automatic transmission, a flip out metal ignition key possess the problem.

Before the current call up, the company had earlier recalled 33,168 cars in July 2018 and then realized through further testing that the issues actually existed in a lot of other extra cars. However, the company has not cited any accidents related to the defect.

When it comes to recall, the solution is pretty extensive. The dealers will have to install a new switch and disable the old switch without removing it inside the gearshift lever housing. Then a circuit board will be connected to the wiring harness which wasn’t initially equipped in the cars. The company will be looking at limiting the current spikes which are causing the problems according to Volkswagen.

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