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Existing Inventory Of Huawei Laptops Sold Online By Microsoft

After a week-long discontinuation of sales, Microsoft has resumed Huawei’s laptop sales on Monday on their website.  Huawei has been delivering Windows revenue which is an important part of Microsoft’s business although they are focusing on products based on cloud computing.

A restriction was imposed by a government agency last month on how the US firms can sell their products to Huawei and immediately after that the supply of Microsoft devices like the Mate Book X Pro had vanished. Later on there was an ease on the restrictions for ninety days which led to some changes in the ways Google and Huawei would work during that period. Once again the Huawei Matebook laptops have become available. One of the Microsoft spokesperson said that they will be evaluating and will continue to provide their responses to the technical, business and regulatory complexities arising from adding Huawei to U.S. Department of Commerce’s Export Administration Regulations Entity List. As a result Microsoft was resuming their sales of Huawei devices at their stores. Microsoft has also said that software updates would be provided to the Huawei devices which people are using at present.

Microsoft has said that they were committed in providing exceptional customer services. Their evaluation of the decision of the U.S. Department of Commerce on Huawei has made them continue to provide the services of software updates to Huawei devices which are used by their customers. These comments came in after Huawei announced that they were making their own operating systems ready for laptops.

Microsoft gets revenue when they are paid by firms for Windows licenses for the devices which they produce. There was 9% increase in revenue from these customers every year in the recent quarter and about 16% of the overall revenue was represented by Windows. Revenue forecasts have been cut by other US firms as they expected to make lesser sales to Huawei.

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