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Getting Married Likely To Be The Key To Lower Depression, Dementia Risk

A lot of studies have suggested that marriage can be useful in avoiding depression, live longer and ease off some stress. Now a latest study suggests that it can also be a key to avoid dementia. Dementia is a mental condition in which the mental stability of someone starts to decline and it is so evident that its effect can be seen in the daily life as well.

According to the study, married people have less chances of suffering from this dreaded condition than those who are divorced, unmarried or widowed. The study further indicates that marriage is lot more beneficial in these conditions than cohabitation. The lead researcher on this study, Professor Hui Liu said that a lot of theories have already suggested why marriage is better. She added that married people have better financial conditions to start with against most of the unmarried people and there are a lot of other factors that are positively affected by the marriage and psychology is one of them.

The study couldn’t find a cause-effect link between marriage and dementia but it concludes that getting divorced or living alone can increase mental and financial stress which can lead to dementia. She also said that emotional support is the key to avoid dementia and married people have their partner for it. It was found in the study that divorced people have twice as much chance as a married couple to develop a mental issue. Divorced men have been the most affected as they are prone to mental issues 2.6 times more than married men. On the other hand, divorced women have 30% chance of suffering from dementia in case of divorce.

Liu said that men get more psychological benefits from marriages as women help their partners to ease off the stress from work and encourage them to quit bad habits like smoking, drinking etc. but when they get divorced all this is gone and they don’t have any emotional support.

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