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Google Will Pay More To Anyone Who Finds A Security Flaw In Google Chrome

In a bid to make Google Chrome thoroughly secure for its users, Google has often paid anyone and everyone who has spotted a bug in the browser and have reported it to the company. To make it more rewarding for people who spend their time testing for the bug in Chrome, Google has announced the rewards for spotting and Security bug in Google Chrome will be much bigger and better now. The bug bounty program for Chrome was launched back in 2010 and the company is now doubling or tripling the maximum rewards in it.

The bug bounty program was itself very detailed about how the rewards are given to the people who find the bugs. Basically, rewards were based on how detailed the reports submitted about the bug was. If a person explains every detail about the bug, including how it can be exploited and what can be done to get it fixed will get a bigger reward than the one who reports the same bug with fewer details. Of course the severity of the bug is taken into consideration as well and the severity is straight away concerned with the impact the bug has on Chrome’s security or performance in general. Google even has a support page that explains how it rates the bug reports. Irrespective of the report ratings, the rewards have increased. Reports that previously would fetch USD 5,000 will now be fetching around USD 15,000 while the ones which were fetching USD 15,000 will now get USD 30,000.

The highest paid bug report will be the one that impacts the Chromebook or Chromebox that is running in the guest mode and cannot be fixed by an instant reboot. The reward for such bug reports were USD 100,000 in 2015. It has now jumped up to USD 150,000.

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