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Healthy People Can Misattribute Touch To The Wrong Body Side: Research

Without being alert of it, people most of the time incorrectly distinguish between tactile sensations. A new research in the Current Biology scientific journal displays how healthy individuals can sometimes misjudge touch to the incorrect side of their body, or even to a fully incorrect part of the body. The research was performed by scientists at the University of Hamburg, Cluster of Excellence CITEC of Bielefeld University, and New York University.

“The restrictions of the earlier studies for where and how our brain churns touch turn obvious when it comes to people who have suffered from neurological diseases or had parts of their bodies amputated,” claimed one of the authors of the research, Professor Dr. Tobias Heed, to the media in an interview. His study group “Biopsychology and Cognitive Neuroscience” is fraction of the Department of Psychology and CITEC at Bielefeld University. “Individuals who have had a leg or a hand amputated often state about phantom sensations in these parts. But where actually does this fake perception arrive from?”

To start responding this doubt, Heed, operating along with University of Hamburg’s Professor Dr. Brigitte Röder and New York University’s Dr. Stephanie Badde, examined whether phantom sensations can also be seen in fit individuals. “In performing so, we displayed that healthy people actually did methodically misattribute touch to the feet on the hands, and vice versa,” claimed Heed.

On a related note, surplus body fat and weight lead to a series of blood vessel and heart diseases, as per the first research to examine this with the help of a method dubbed as Mendelian randomization. Especially, the research posted in the European Heart Journal, displays that as BMI (body mass index) and fat mass elevates, so does the danger of aortic valve stenosis. The researchers also claimed the same.

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