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Heavy Smog Is As Harmful As Smoking A Pack Of Cigarettes In A Day

As per one of the latest study, living in a polluted area in US is as harmful to a person as smoking one pack of cigarette every day. Due to ozone pollution which is caused because of change in climate, there is more development of emphysema-like conditions inside human lungs in comparison to various other causes of air pollution.

Dr. Joel Kaufman said that even slight depletion of air quality can lead to lung damage. He further said that due to the present study one can learn that a lot of work has been done to provide clean air but still there is more to accomplish.

Emphysema is a disease of lungs which is directly related to cigarette smoking, but in recent years, people who are non smokers are suffering from this chronic disease. Pollution of Ozone air is recorded in the area closer to ground and caused mainly by emission of harmful gases from cars, large refineries boilers, chemical plants etc. Scientists have said that ozone air pollution is different from ozone layer which surrounds the planet earth.

For study scientists took 7,000 adults from different urban areas around the country viz. Baltimore, New York City, Minnesota, St. Paul, Chicago, Los Angeles and Winston Salem. Most of the volunteers were in between 45 to 84 years of age and the study was started in 2000. For 10 years, median researchers followed them. Most of the people were given CT scans during scientific study; this made them aware of the changes which might have taken place inside their lungs.

Scientists considered four main particles like black carbon, ground-level ozone, nitrogen oxide and particulate matter. Human lungs are severely affected by the increase in ozone level. While talking in relation to the above findings, Dr. John Haapaniemi said that due to the present finding it is easy to understand how ozone air pollution can affect lungs of human beings.

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