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Huawei Continues To Be The 2nd Largest Smartphone Brand Despite The US Ban

According to the recent numbers released, Huawei has managed to hold its position of being the world’s second largest smartphone brand behind Samsung and ahead of Apple despite the stern constraints being put on by the United States. The smartphone market witnessed a decline overall but Huawei was among the only companies to stand on the positive side. What makes the growth all the more astonishing is the fact that Huawei is in severe trouble as its business with American tech companies has been disrupted severely.

As per the numbers by Strategy Analytics, the smartphone market showed signs of stability despite a decline of 2.6 per cent. Samsung stands as the number one name with 22 per cent of the market share followed by Huawei with 17 per cent of the total market share and Apple completing the top three with 11 per cent sharing. Samsung saw a 7 per cent rise in the number of smartphone sales as its mid range entrants managed to woo the customers. Huawei experienced growth mainly owing to its showing in China itself. In other regions like North America and West Europe, Huawei did experience a sluggish push to its sales. The analysis also revealed that Apple experienced a drop of 8 per cent in the number of iPhone sales during the past quarter. Xiaomi and Oppo followed in at the fourth and fifth spot, reportedly due their strong presence in their respective local markets. This is for the first time that Chinese makers including Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, Realme, and Vivo will hold 42 per cent of the market share, a major concern for the American phone makers.

Talking of Huawei’s growth, after months of uncertainty and a series of yes and no, Huawei is finally expected to release smartphones with its very own Hongmeng OS.

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