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Instagram’s New Anti-Bullying Tool Helps You Stay Safe From Troublesome Followers

Online bullying has become one of the major concerns for social media platforms with more and more complaints coming each day from users all across the globe. Be it any country, complaints have poured in about online bullying on almost every other social media platform. In an attempt to get a hold on that, Instagram has come up with two new tools that will add to your online privacy and will help you tackle online bullying more effectively.

The first of the two tools will allow users to “restrict” followers who are causing unwanted troubles but still can’t be blocked, while the second warns users using an AI before they’re about to post any offensive comment. The users who are added to the “restricted” list won’t be able to see when you read their message or when you were last active and for their comments to show publicly, you’ll have to approve them. The AI based technology will warn the users before they’re about to make any comment that may sound offensive to any other user, thus giving a chance to present themselves in a better manner. Ever since Instagram was taken over by Adam Mosseri, attempts from the social media giants to control online bullying have increased pretty significantly. It tried filtering out negative comments last time around, but that apparently didn’t work out. In an attempt to ensure that people don’t consider Instagram a competition, they even decided to hide the likes count from any user’s followers until he approves it.

Talking of online bullying, an international study recently revealed that schools in England are the worst when it comes to online bullying. Teachers from English schools are more prone to suffer from online bullying by their pupils and misuse of social media as compared to any other developed country.

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