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Moment Is Creating An Anamorphic Lens For Drones By DJI

Moment is extending its series of add-on camera lenses for the first time further than handsets, with plans to roll out an anamorphic lens for DJI drones. The lens attaches on to DJI’s Mavic 2 Zoom or Mavic 2 Pro and operates with either drone’s current camera to capture a broader field of view, full with cinematic lens effects. A crowdfunding initiative for the lens is rolled out last week. It sells for $199, with aims to export in November 2019. Moment claims it will sell the lens for $300 at retail.

Moment made its status selling lenses that attach on to the rear of a handset, providing different view fields and more alternatives for photographers. As curiosity in conventional Instagram posts has diminished, Marc Barros (co-founder at Moment) claims that the firm has discovered room for development by appealing to filmmakers and vloggers. Drones, he claims, were the other major tool filmmakers have began depending on.

“We just saw at what users were employing,” he claims. “They all had a big camera, a handset, and a drone.” Moment’s group claims they were capable of flying the Mavic 2 Pro in strong winds with the new lens clipped, and it did not impact the performance of the drone.

On a related note, if you are sitting in a cafe and you see a wall painting on the wall, you can soon employ your handset to know the local artist who painted it. A new function of Google Lens presently being trialed in San Francisco will identify the artworks you find outside of galleries and tell you how get in touch with the artist. To employ the feature, go on your smartphone to the Google app and open Lens. Then direct the camera at the painting you are interested in and click the blue dot.

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