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Over 10 Million Windows 10 Users Under Severe Security Threat

SafeBreach, a California-based security company, has revealed a massive loophole in the PC-Doctor Toolbox software that has brought millions of users under a massive security threat. PC-Doctor Toolbox is a system analytics software that many of the world’s leading computer manufacturers, including Dell, pre-install on PCs made by them. Of those many top names, Dell itself has shipped around 60 million PCs, and the company admits PC-Doctor Toolbox was pre-installed on most of them.

The flaw detected by SafeBreach ultimately allows hackers to gain complete access of your computer, whether personal or business, by swapping the genuine DLL files with the malicious ones. What makes it dangerous is the high level of access granted to the PC-Doctor Toolbox for monitoring your system’s hardware and software. The levels are so high that the software is even allowed to give itself access to settings which it doesn’t have initially. SafeBreach had earlier issued another warning regarding the same issue back in April. However, despite Dell releasing a patch to fix the earlier issue, this new threat has popped up again. It remains uncertain whether or not this will stop any soon. Pre-installed softwares have often affected Windows security and as far as it goes, things are not likely to change. As a user, the best you can do is format your system and get the Windows 10 re-installed at the earliest. This will get rid of all those leaky vulnerable pre-installed softwares.

Talking of Microsoft’s security, the company has banned the usage of Slack and has also considered usage of AWS and Google Docs as one to be discouraged. The development has come reportedly after the company felt the security of Slack Plus and Slack Free was way below par. Even Microsoft’s very own GitHub is said to be used in a limited manner for sharing confidential data.

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