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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Comments On Amazon’s Pay Policy Disproven By Company

Amazon in their response to the US Representative, Rep. Alexandri Ocasio-Cortez’s comments that Amazon paid starvation wages for warehouse workers, said that at least $15 was paid to the workers every hour in addition to full benefits and that they also lobby to increase the federal minimum wages.

She commented this when she was asked about the CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos in “This Week” on ABC News this Sunday. She also said that she was least concerned if Bezos was a billionaire and was more concerned about the impact of the policies of the company had on its warehouse workers. She said that Bezos paid starvation wages to people and deprived them access to health care. She further went to add that she wondered if Jeff Bezos being a billionaire stood on the fact that employees working in Amazon’s warehouse were forced to live on foodstamps!

Following this Jay Carney, head of communications of Amazon tweeted saying that the earnings of about 42% of the working Americans is less than $15 per hour and Amazon pays this to its entry level workers and that top-tier benefits are enjoyed by all of their employees. He said that instead of making a hue and cry about Amazon Ocasio-Cortez should consider changing the minimum wage-law. There was also a tweet from official handle of Amazon sharing the same views as Jay Carney!

When Amazon announced their plans of moving their second headquarters into the Long City Island, one among the outspoken critics was Ocasio-Cortez. However this plan was pulled out later on. Amazon had faced criticisms for its disparity in payments and it was after that $15 was made the minimum wage per hour in 2018 by Amazon. Bezos even went on to challenge the other retailers in April to match with the benefits and pay of Amazon.

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