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Researchers Spot A New Particle Intended For Dark Matter

The University of California has two of its theoretical physicists found a new component for dark matter and findings ways to detect it. The physicists have their work presented at the Planck 2019 conference in Granada on June 6. The dark matter is found to cover over a quarter of our universe, with rest part being even-more mystifying dark energy. Though the dark matter cannot be seen it can be felt due to its gravity that decides the shape of faraway galaxies and other objects. The dark matter has particles as the building block that has to be yet discovered. The known particle is the Weakly Interacting Massive Particle (WIMP), but there have been no experiments conducted to detect it.

The composition of the dark matter or its primary candidate still has to be discovered. It seems that the WIMP concept has to be completely ruled out. The researchers have created a new model named dark electromagnetism that includes dark photons plus other particles as a substitute for the WIMP model. The dark photons are believed to have a weak coupling with the normal photons. According to researcher Christopher Verhaaren, a dark magnetic monopole was found to interact with the dark photon and dark electrons. The macroscopic world shows magnets having 2 poles whereas the monopole is a particle that acts as one end of the magnet. The quantum theory has given rise to monopoles.

Physicist Paul Dirac has found a new to detect these dark particles. He predicted that an electron revolving around the monopole picks up a change in the wave function’s phase. In quantum theory electrons act as particles and waves, thus, the electron would pass from one end of the monopole to another with a slight change in phase. Aharonov-Bohm effect is the interference pattern is what is believed to be experienced by the particles in dark matter. The dark monopole shows a shift in the phase of electrons as they pass by. This new kind of dark matter is currently being explored. The dark particles are moving around us all the time but as per Terning and Verhaaren’s model for monopoles to be detectable, they have to be excited by the Sun after which they reach the Earth with the speed of light. The LIGO gravity wave experiment was proposed there was no technology to support the work.

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