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Satellite Imagery Has Widespread Usage In The Wake Of Natural Disasters

The satellite imagery serves wider utility prospect to showcase the before and after scenes of any natural disaster. After any natural dictator like landslide, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc. nonprofit organizations, government agencies and other responders seek the help of radar and electro optical images to determine severity of the damage caused by the disaster which helps them to plan the rescue operations, delivering aid to the different regions and other campaigns.

International space agencies have been sharing these data free of cost since year 2000 through International Charter ‘Space and Major Disasters’. With this, private companies have also started releasing these helpful images and disaster, publically.

Maxar Technologies is one of those private firms that shares disaster related imagery data for aid programs via their Open Data Program.  Sustainable Development Practice Director of Maxar, Rhiannan Price said that they publically have been releasing post and pre image data of event which covers almost whole series of that particular natural disaster. She added it has been a powerful program and also been a very huge part of our approach for data philanthropy.

In 2016, Planet started off their campaign for sharing this crucial data while it acted as an unofficial part of International Charter. However, Planet became an official contributor in 2018 and also became the first private organization in International Charter to share data through it.

Disaster Response Operations lead of Planet, Brittany Zajic said that they also make these imagery data available for the volunteer and humanitarian organizations as well as any first responder who’s looking for assistance of these imagery data in situation of natural disasters.

In addition, organizations like Planet and Maxar also sell the subscriptions for these imagery data to get the first look on them and also update content round the clock. It helps the aid providers to plan the aid programs and rescue missions accordingly.

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