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Scientists Expecting An Enormous And Dense Asteroid Under The Moon’s Crater

According to a new study, an extremely dense and weird matter has been buried under the surface of the moon. The researchers have been imagining a weird matter that might be the debris of an enormous asteroid, which collapsed and buried at the south pole of the moon.

The researchers generated a hypothesis based on the data extracted from two separate space missions, which specify a dissemblance between the geography and gravitational pull of the moon.

Peter B. James—the lead study author and a geoscientist at Baylor University, Texas—stated that the size of the buried matter is almost five times the size of the Big Island of Hawaii.

The GRAIL mission is one of the two missions, on which hypothetical study is concluded. Under the mission, two spacecraft were launched that were revolving around the moon and constantly mapped its gravitational pull for more than a year. The second mission, from which the recent study utilized the data, is Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. The mission extended for almost 10 Years, in which the surface of the moon was regularly examined.

The study findings concluded by the researchers are available in the journal Geophysical Research Letters.

On a similar note, the Earth’s angular speed or rotational speed has been decreasing occasionally and the reason behind the slowdown is the Moon. The scientists have been considering that it might be hitting the Earth’s core significantly, which ultimately leads to an increase in frequency and magnitude of earthquakes in the future or can even demolish the planet’s ecosystem.

As almost two-thirds of the Earth’s surface is covered with huge water bodies and the tides are dependent on the rotational speed of the Earth. Therefore, the sudden variation, either increase or decrease in the speed, could generate strong effects.

According to the Planetary Science Institute (PSI), Arizona, This occasional slowdown is Earth’s speed can have a great impact on the weather patterns.

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