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Shell Workers Paid Overtime To Attend Trump’s Speech

The employees of Royal Dutch Shell plant were compelled to attain President Donald Trump’s speech to get their overtime bonus. Attendance to the speech was not mandatory but there was a condition. Contract laborers who chose not to attend the speech were deprived of the overtime pay. Shell is a big player in the market of oil and gas. There are thousands of contact laborers working at the Shell manufacturing units.

The workers of the Pennsylvania Petrochemicals Complex reached the site at 7am in morning and waiting for the President to deliver his speech. One of the supervisors had declared that if the workers do not scan their ID cards they are not receiving any overtime payment. Neither Shell nor the labor unions have made any comment on this. Almost 5000 workers attended the meeting this day.

Earlier Trump has several times accused his opponents to hire protestors to speak against him. After he was elected as the US president, several groups were found protesting on streets against his win. At that time, Trump commented that these were professionals who have been paid to run the protests. Similar type of comment was made by the President when Brett M. Kavanaugh submitted his nomination for Supreme Court justice and women from across the cities were protesting against this.

In this speech at the Shell site, Trump asked the workers to vote for him in the upcoming presidential election. He also stated that the Press, Democrats and the Academy Awards were his enemy. He also spoke about the energy producing capability of United States.

Ray Fisher who is the spokesperson for Shell informed that workers have 56 hour work in a week. Out of this, 16 hours are treated as overtime. For this reason, laborers who came on Tuesday got more payment.

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