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Small Electric Tickle Likely To Promote Overall Wellbeing, – Researchers Say

British Researchers claim that generating a light electric tickle could promote well-being and slow down aging signs like memory loss and mobility issues. Called as transcutaneous vagus nerve stimulation (tVNS) this procedure involves sending small electric currents through metal clips to vagus nerve that is part of human autonomic nervous system. When these small clips with electrodes are placed on the tragus region of human ear the electric current helps to regulate body functions like temperature, blood pressure and heart rhythm and balance the autonomic system.  Study author and Director of Research –  Susan Deuchar stated that within two weeks of applying tVNS to some of their cases has helped in balancing out autonomic nervous system.

She insisted that their study groups managed to set up a healthy balance of activity among elderly depending on clinical conditions.  She says that as people age their balance of activity changes and their sympathetic branch becomes more predominant which is detrimental to health over a period of time. In these circumstances tVNS on a daily basis can redress the activity balance and associate it with healthy function.  Researchers suggest that this treatment can also improve mental well-being and sleeping patterns of people of all age groups.

Researchers have also suggested that this form of tVNS treatment can have a positive role in early diagnosis and treatment of heart disease, high blood pressure, Type2 Diabetes and even Alzheimer’s But not all are convinced about the success of this simple non-invasive form of treatment as they feel that it was carried out on a small sample size so its claims of efficacy are not very strong. Researchers explained that for a study of this type it is difficult to have a control group as people feel that they are not receiving any treatment so three small studies were conducted on participants within age group of 55 years and more. While the first group comprised of 14 people the second one had 37 while the third one had 29 volunteers.

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