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Stephanie Koster Takes Charge As Vector’s New CFO

Small launch vehicle Vector disclosed that it has appointed a new chief financial officer (CFO). Reportedly, firm’s latest CFO had earlier held comparable positions at Sierra Nevada Corporation and Blue Origin.

This week, Vector disclosed Stephanie Koster as its new CFO, who will be leading the firm’s finance and business activities. If referred to her LinkedIn profile, Koster joined the firm in March 2019. Previously, Koster worked at Sierra Nevada Corporation, where she worked as senior vice president of finance for a year. Before that, at Blue Origin, she spent a period of about six years as director and treasurer, supervising the firm’s financial operations. In a statement announcing the appointment, Jim Cantrell, Chief Executive, Vector, said, “We are transitioning from a period of development into full operations.” Cantrell added that Stephanie’s demonstrated experience leading the financial development strategy of a few of the world’s biggest aerospace firms makes her well-suited to assist the firm to achieve its aggressive business objectives.

On a similar note, if all goes as per Blue Origin’s ambitious strategy, the Space Coast is supposed to become the opening phase of a “road to space” for numerous individuals taking their livelihoods beyond Earth’s atmosphere. The Jeff Bezos-headed firm is investing over a billion dollars into the area to change infrastructure, old as well as new, into gateways for its future New Glenn rocket. This rocket is a towering vehicle scheduled to be lifted off from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in 2021.

Following the landing of this rocket, it is supposed to be produced, launched, and revamped here on a ship in the Atlantic Ocean. Scott Henderson, Vice President, Test and Flight Operations, Blue Origin, said this week, “New Glenn is all about millions of people living and working in space.” Henderson was speaking at a National Space Club Florida Committee luncheon in Cape Canaveral.

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