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Study Highlights, Growth In Cannabis Use And Its Shift From Illicit Market

A novel article by scientists from the University of Washington and the University of Puget Sound reports that cannabis use enlarged and substantially moved from the illicit market since retail sales started in 2014. This article is based on the study of public wastewater samples in no less than one Western Washington population center.

Headed by Dan Burgard, Head, Chemistry Department, Puget Sound, the research team analyzed wastewater samples gathered from 2013 to 2016. These samples were collected from about two treatment plants serving a community of about two hundred thousand people in Western Washington. Burgard proclaimed that the research team started to carry out a wastewater-based analysis. He added that this analysis explored the effect of recently legalized retail cannabis sales on its use. The study was also focused on determining if this approach can guesstimate the size of the legal market place.

On a similar note, a novel survey of over 1,000 arthritis patients discovered that about 57% of those questioned had attempted cannabis for their signs. The survey as well highlighted that about over 90% said that it assisted them to ease their pain. This survey was carried out by CreakyJoints, which is an online arthritis support community, a section of the nonprofit Global Healthy Living Foundation. The results illustrate the level to which medical cannabis has been used by the majority of patients managing conditions such as arthritis.

Over the years, cannabis has been studied for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. A few studies have even lighted up a patient preference for cannabis where severe pain is concerned. One prior research, published in May this year, highlighted that patients with rheumatoid arthritis described medical cannabis as an alternative treatment plan to be employed with prescription medications or as a means of reducing these medications.

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