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Tesla Arcade Uses A Model 3 Steering Wheel As A Game Controller

Tesla is all set to launch its secret video game functionalities and bring them to public beginning this week as Tesla Arcade. This is a new game center discovered all over its series of electric cars. And previously this week, the firm conveyed a Model 3 to San Francisco so that the media try out Arcade and its latest game, Beach Buggy Racing 2 by developer Vector Unit. It is an Android and iOS racing game you can play on a tablet or phone, but what makes it extraordinary on a Tesla vehicle is its controller: the exact steering wheel of the Model 3.

Tesla has always touted itself on treating its EVs similar to computers, and it often shows the capability of sending over-the-air, game-changing updates to its vehicles that include everything from enhanced self-driving abilities to silly Easter eggs such as “James Bond mode.” Now, the firm is going one step nearer and converting its vehicles into complete video game consoles.

With this new upgrade, you will get the game together with some current Atari games. The firm is also pledging support for cartoony platformer Cuphead by Studio MDHR in the months to come, which will operate with gamepad support that Tesla already launched out. The upgrade also makes these gaming functions simpler to find. Earlier, they were concealed within a special menu available only by tapping the Tesla icon from the primary center of the infotainment hub and searching for a secret Easter eggs drawer.

On a related note, Elon Musk earlier showed up at the E3 together with Todd Howard (executive producer at Bethesda Studios) to declare that Fallout Shelter will be arriving to Tesla cars. The wildly popular title is already accessible on just almost every other system conceivable, so a decision to in-car entertainment systems by Tesla appears about right.

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