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Tesla’s Dashboard Sketchpad To Receive An Upgrade Soon

Besides the many games that are accessible on dashboards by Tesla, users have taken pleasure over the years of various other Easter Eggs. Since it launched 2 Years back, in-the-know Tesla users have employed the Sketchpad of the infotainment system to doodle on the display while they are, for example, hanging around for the battery to refill. Now, the firm claimed that it bringing extra features to the tool in its upcoming software upgrade.

While it did not spell out exactly what is in progress for Sketchpad, previous month, one Tesla user asked for saturation controls, a color picker, and extra extensive undo options. Tesla posted that request with an easy “wish granted” response, so you may expect those functions to come soon in Sketchpad. Other possible alternatives comprise support for animation, after one user asked for that and Elon Musk responded with a straight “ok.”

It appears other creative functions are in progress, comprising karaoke and even a music tool, as per the firm’s CEO. We will wait with bated breath until the initial album recorded employing dashboard of Tesla drops. Whatever the situation, it cannot probably be much worse as compared to own supposed Soundcloud rap track by Musk.

On a related note, vehicles by Tesla have a series of silly Easter Eggs. From Atari video games to fart noises, the firm is not afraid to fly its foolish flag. So it was no real shock when the world discovered out that Tesla might be including more games and that an SDK might be accessible for creators to port their own games to the vehicles.

The newest game to come in the Tesla dash is Beach Buggy Racing 2. It is a Mario Kart-akin racer game that has gotten some changes particularly for the Tesla arrival. Particularly, the vehicles in the game are Tesla.

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