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Uber Will Soon Launch Its New Scooters With Superior Quality

Uber has introduced a successor of its current version of Jump e-scooters, which it will soon begin to launch at the global level. The next-generation scooter, or we can say second-generation scooter, appears almost similar to its existing version scooter, but the major difference is in its built quality and new braking system. Uber mentioned that it would launch the fleet of its new Jump scooters in the US cities from June 24, 2019.

Uber previewed the second-generation of Jump e-scooters at the third-annual Elevate conference. Along with e-scooters, the ride-hailing services provider also displayed its new swappable battery system, which will be fitted into next-generation of e-bikes. The company expects to launch the new version of e-bikes within this year.

One of the important modifications in the coming e-scooters is the braking system. The company has replaced the thumb-lever braking system with the commonly found hand brake system. Another change in the new e-scooters is the superior built quality. The company decided to improve the built quality significantly because of the continuous and heavy use, the scooters last up to two months. So, instead of flowing piles of money in replacing and repairing the vehicles, the company decided to invest once and offer better services.

On a similar subject, Uber is not only focused to acquire ride-hailing business on the land but is looking to expand its business in the skies globally. Yes, the company this time has chosen Australian city, Melbourne, to introduce its flying taxis.

Uber has announced that the testing rides would initiate in 2020 and the commercial services are expected to be launched from 2023.

To accomplish its flying taxi project, Uber has collaborated with the space agency, NASA. Other industries that are linked to this project include Boeing (BA) and Rolls Royce (RYCEF), as per the report.

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