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Unexplored And Mysterious Mass Spotted Under The Moon Is Huge

A huge and mysterious mass of materials was seen under the moon. The vast block lies beneath the largest crater in the entire solar system, called the South Pole-Aitken Basin.

And that could be part of the material that fell on our neighbor and formed the planet, according to researchers who discovered it. But this is just a theory about its possible origin, and scientists point out that we still do not know what the material is and where it can come from.

“Imagine taking a metal stack five times larger than Hawaii’s Big Island and bury it underground, that’s the unexpected mass we’ve detected,” said Peter B James, assistant professor of geophysics planetarium at Baylor College of Arts & Sciences, and author of a new study of the huge piece.

The crater in which the mass rests has an excessive shape and a width of 2,000 kilometers. It goes down several kilometers. Although it is incredibly vast, it cannot be seen from Earth as it is on the dark side of the Moon, which is still facing us.

Instead, it was examined by data sent to researchers by NASA, who returned data on weak gravity changes around the moon.

“When we combine this data with the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter’s lunar topography data, we find an unexpected mass of hundreds of miles under the South Pole-Aitken basin, “according to Professor James, who has published his works in Geophysical Research Letters. “One of the clarifications for this supplementary mass is the metal of the asteroid that shaped this crater is still embedded in the mantle of the moon.”

The scientists imitated a likely impact with an asteroid on a computer and came across that certain types of metal could be deposited in the layer amid the crust and the nucleus where the piece is still seated.

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