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Users To Be Capable Of Deleting Pre-Installed Apps On Apple Watch

The watchOS 6, the OS for Apple Watches that is presently available as a beta for creators, is all set to come later in 2019 to consumers. While the OS arrives with various new functions, what Apple did not reveal on stage was that consumers will be capable of deleting some pre-installed applications from the watch too. This is good news for almost all the users of the device as it might allow them delete the app clutter from the device.

As cited by media, consumers will be capable of deleting apps such as Stopwatch, Timer, Alarm, and others. This is claimed to be possible as the firm this week listed some of the pre-installed applications on their App Store, which indicates that they can be installed or removed as per the need of users. The list comprises ECG, Walkie-Talkie, Stopwatch, Camera Remote, Cycle Tracking, Timer, Alarm, Radio, Breathe, and Remote.

Removing pre-installed application will be the same procedure that you follow to remove other 3rd-party apps currently. All you require to do is to long tap on the application and click the “X” button. But all the pre-installed applications may not be removed as apps such as Messages and Heart Rate cannot be deleted from iOS, so they will remain on your device.

On a related note, the global market for premium smartphone has dropped 8% in the Q1 of this year as Apple shipments dropped 20%, a media report claimed this week.

As per media report, during the quarter, Samsung concluded up with 25% of the global premium section, which is the firm’s highest ever share over the last year. This was also the first time that the South Korean firm rolled out 3 devices rather than the normal two in its S lineup, thus wrapping up wider price points.

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